Favorite Childhood Photos: Nic Beery


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4 Responses to “Favorite Childhood Photos: Nic Beery”

  1. kellyjeanette said:

    This is one of those pictures that every parent wishes they had of their son. It’s such I perfect picture of a little boy. The words that accompany the picture are beautiful and heart felt, I think it’s wonderful.

  2. Ajit said:

    I love the edges of the film. Nic’s voice has a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

  3. TinkhamTown said:

    So strange seeing Nic at 9 yrs old. You look and look at his face as a kid, and slowly you begin to see “Nic the adult” hidden inside “Nic the child’s” face. (Look. Right there, around the nose and eyes.) Of course, he still flaunts the same table etiquette he did as a boy! Nice photo, Nic, and a sweet, sweet story. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Bill Elias said:

    Isn’t 9 a little early to be pounding two bottles of wine with dinner? What – do you think we’re Europeans here? This is the Bible Belt, son, and it’s squeezin’ ’round the whole dang country. ;-p