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Obligatory slogan: You write, We shoot

A car riding at dusk seems like a great place to start a movie. So I am, and hopefully, so will you. Part of what I imagined Squigglebooth to be is a community driven vlog. A collaboration of sorts. Here is a our first instance to do so.

With the Path project, you (as a community) will tell us what you want to see, the dialogue spoken, the structured scenes, the list of characters. And we will film it. Simple as that. Or is it?

We will film the scenes in blocks. You see part one, you comment, we decide, we shoot, we post, you comment again and so on. All writing ideas will come from you. You can post these ideas in the comments section of every Path post.

There will surely be a lot of varying opinions on the direction of the piece. We will mediate. We will decide but with your help, your input.

Our decisions will mostly revolve around practical matters. Can we afford to shoot it? Do we have this or that or the right person to make the idea work? But don’t let practicality affect your input. Throw it out there. If people like it, we will try to get it done.

We will also be looking to see what fits the story, especially important later on in this project. We will explain all our choices in this matter to you as clearly as we can.

So join us on this ride. Please be respectful to us and to the other creative voices. If we don’t pick your idea, don’t drop out. Stay involved. I have no preferences or biases on story, people or acts.

– Ajit Anthony Prem


Episodes & other info:


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Path No.2 screenplay (6-2-06)