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A Walkthru with Kathleen Connally

I spent a morning with photographer Kathleen Connally several years back. We talked, we walked. I came back hoping to put something together immediately but life got a little crazy and I had to put it aside. Till now.

Many of things we discussed that misty morning still come back to me from time to time. I think Kathleen has one of the healthiest perspectives on her art & her work. She loves what she does, she has a purpose and she is comfortable with her talent.

You can follow her popular award-winning photoblog at Music by Jay Manley.

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Banana Bus

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My good friend, JaCynthia Shepherd, recalls her experiences on the Public School Bus system. It seems she received much of her education while riding to and from school. This video was originally supposed to be included in last month’s Videoblogging week.

The beautiful song is “She Was a Girl, She Was in Love” by Matt Baldwin. You can purchase it on iTunes. You can check out a slideshow of some of the photos here.

Mr. Concentration & Mr. ADD

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It is always intriguing to see yourself through other people’s eyes. Ajit wrote this and it is loosely based on the conflict in my creative life. It was shot, acted and edited by me.

To see more of my humorous videos, please go here.

Wings Castle

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After filming a narrative short at Pete Wing’s castle in 1995, I returned to the castle to tape Pete over the course of several summers. Hours and hours of his ramblings were whittled down to this 10 minute documentary. I wanted to tape Pete until he finished the B&B extension but realized he was probably going to be working on the castle forever and I needed to wrap things up. Turns out, he discovered the taxes would be prohibitively expensive on the B&B so he and his wife, Toni, are trying to sell it and move to Montana. What will happen to Pete and castle is still undecided but here is a little artifact of this character and his folly in the meantime.


At the age of twenty-one Peter Wing returned from Vietnam and started building a home for himself and his family using recycled materials. For thirty years he and his wife are proud owners of a medieval castle visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Wing’s Castle Documentary shares with us what a little perseverance and resourcefulness can accomplish and how one can draw inspiration from the most challenging of life’s experiences.

Extreme Skipping #2

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Part two of our look at Extreme Skipping — a sport that hasn’t recieved the recognition it deserves — and its biggest supporter.

Part one is here.

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My Favorite Pastime

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A Glass Wall

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My friend and actress, Lindsey Glass, blows off some steam on improvs.

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Been You All Along

A video of me and my wife in a series of photographs growing up beside each other. Yes, it is very cheesy. But what can I say, I am in love and proud of it.

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Extreme Skipping

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This short was made a little while back, about one of the most underappreciated universal sports: extreme skipping. If you are a skipper and have footage of yourself skipping, make sure to submit it to us. We would love to check out your moves.

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Episode#1 – Second Time

Woohoo! First Squigglebooth podcast. No better topic to start with than love. I met my Wife on September 7th, 2003. Couple of months pass before I see her again.

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