Extreme Skipping

Additional formats: QUICKTIME

This short was made a little while back, about one of the most underappreciated universal sports: extreme skipping. If you are a skipper and have footage of yourself skipping, make sure to submit it to us. We would love to check out your moves.

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9 Responses to “Extreme Skipping”

  1. Squigglebooth » Blog Archive » Extreme Skipping #2 said:

    […] Part one is here. […]

  2. Brad said:

    Radical. Extreme Skippers are the coolest and should keep on doing what there doing I think it’s a great sport.

  3. Taltson Olexin said:

    hey dude,
    Your like my all time role-model. Me and my friend Extreme skip all the time. Could you give me the HTML so I can put it on my MySpace please!?!?!?!?!

    Thank you so much if you can…….. can you do this ASAP if possible

  4. Ajit said:

    hi taltson,

    check your email. i sent you the code. Thanks!

  5. colton said:

    haha me and my friends do extreme skipping alll the time its crazy fun

  6. Cody "Rainbow Ryder" Crousore said:

    Thanks to you guys a couple of us put a crew together to represent Indiana. We’ve got four people in the crew and the future is looking bright.keep a look out for us a video of our own should be popping up pretty soon.

    –later gater
    -much love

  7. Cody "Rainbow Ryder" Crousore said:

    Yo. you guys inspired some of us out in Indiana to throw a crew together and get in on the action ourselves. we’ve got four people in the crew and the future is looking bright a surprising amount of people are interested and are more than willing to watch us throw-down. Keep a look out for us we should have a video out soon.
    –later gater
    -much love

  8. Bonnie said:

    Hey Marc,
    Great Video!
    I am taking a children’s literature course and one of my assignments required me to write a recipe. I chose “How to Skip.” I was just browsing the internet and came across your blog. I have some new inspirations to add to my own childhood memories. I still skip around once in awhile now too. Any other ideas or resourses or web sites would be a great help.
    Keep skippin’

  9. Timmy said: