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Mexico Trips

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My favorite memories associated with California are those simple spontaneous trips south of the border to a small campground in Mexico.

Camera: Jan Vlasto
Music: Carmela Sinco

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Not Sure

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Just a small chaotic piece that reflects some of my thoughts and anxieties.

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Extreme Skipping #2

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Part two of our look at Extreme Skipping — a sport that hasn’t recieved the recognition it deserves — and its biggest supporter.

Part one is here.

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One Sunday

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Just a normal Sunday. so many seemingly simple moments throughout the day. From the guys “scoring” outside to my daughter’s simple expressions. All just moments within a greater whole. I love my Sundays.

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Rick Shapiro and Ducks

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We’ve been working with Rick Shapiro over the last year or so, capturing some great moments from this talented comedian. We’ll be develolping the material over the next several months in various fomats. You can visit his personal site here.

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My life is hectic and stressful at times. I had to actually think about breathing the other day. But I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s all worth it.

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Extreme Skipping

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This short was made a little while back, about one of the most underappreciated universal sports: extreme skipping. If you are a skipper and have footage of yourself skipping, make sure to submit it to us. We would love to check out your moves.

Miscellaneous notes:


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An innoncence in the chaos. Some images on a typical morning in the city.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • Song by Gary Jules titled “Mad World” – You cannot just buy that one song in iTunes, you have to buy the whole Donnie Darko Soundtrack album. Bummer!! But it is very good album for ambient music. Here is the link to that album.

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