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12 Responses to “PATH No.1”

  1. Hemal Trivedi said:

    You enter a roomfull of people. Some are white, some are black, some are yellow…but most of them are brown. They are all sitting there in their small booths. Their brains are wired to computer. Their fingers run fast on keyboard.

    You enter your small cubicle. “Morning Glory,” “Paradice,” “One Summer,” all the top-selling romance novels, your reference books are stacked up. Your todays customer is Janice, a middle-aged, maybe plump, perhaps and house-wife, from California. But you don’t know because she lives 5000 miles across the planet.

    She is a repeat customer. And at $10 an hour, she can easily afford her new secret lover…

    Ajit: Woah! Intense
  2. marc said:

    I love this concept……..perfect hook for an episodic venture.

  3. TREVS said:

    Great opening, again yur timing is on point, cool visuals, nice cinematic feel, and most importantly great concept. Really interested in seein’ how this plays out.


  4. marc said:

    A distraught woman at the wheel, makeup running down her face. bad honky tonk (or whatever you call it) plays softly. Further down the road she pulls into the station…..a middle-aged man smirks as he leans into the drivers side window. She turns off the radio……………..

    Ajit: I see it. Where is she headed? Does she know the middle aged guy?
  5. Kelly C said:

    You see the face of a middle-aged man. His face older than it should be. Between the smoking and coffee cups on the floor, you get the idea of someone maybe with an addictive personality, maybe someone who had a pretty rough life. There is an old suit jacket hanging up in the backseat of an older american model car. An empty landscape slips by. Eventually we arrive at an old country church. The church is tiny and looks deserted. There are two cars in the parking lot, one is a hearse and the other belongs to the man. He opens the front door to see the preacher, fat and bald, sitting in the front pew wiping the sweat off his face. There is a open coffin in front of him. There is nobody else.

    Ajit: Disclaimer off the bat, Kelly is my wife but this idea is not premeditated. Kelly got home with this idea. And I encouraged her to post it. I like the end especially. The person gets to a funeral and there is no one else there but the preacher. When she told me the idea, she said, almost like he knew that there won’t be anyone else there, so he had to go. I like that. I think there needs to be another scene before this to learn about the addictive personality guy. Keep posting ideas, nothing is finalized.
  6. DeK said:

    They stop the car and start walking thru a dark path. The silence of the night is soon broken by some voices and other noises. We come to an open place where some people is gathered. There is any kind of person, but some of them seem to have a prominent role, all wearing the same black suit. We eventually learn that they’re waiting for “Them” to come tonight…

    Ajit: Ha, that’s wonderful. Another excellent idea. It would make a very interesting start to the film.
  7. Linz said:

    i think that the idea posted by kelly is a great idea. i think that it leaves the door wide open to so many possible routes for the script to go. i also think that it has a certain level of suspense that can either get wild and crazy or just be subtle and calm and also sad. i do think though, that there should be a scene in between the guy driving and him showing up at the church. i’m not exactly sure what…maybe a flashback that might tell us who the person is that will be in the coffin…or maybe not. maybe the flashback could make it a little more difficult for us to figure out why the man came to the church, if you wanted to go more with a cliffhanger at the end. i don’t know…but it needs something to tie it in a little more.

    but i’m really excited to see where this goes! it’s going to be so interesting!

  8. Ajit said:
    You know it might not be a bad idea to combine the two (dek & kel’s). Like he stops to pee and then encounters this weird cult waiting for “them” to come. They ask him if he is coming too, he says no and walks away.
  9. daniel said:

    (i’m going to start from scratch. sorry…)

    two friends drive out into the night.

    they will pick up a long-disappeared third friend who’s called, suddenly and out of the blue, from a gas station at the edge of town…

    Ajit: another interesting choice. I am going to need some help deciding.
  10. Christina said:

    This picks up from Daniel’s (#9) beginning —

    It is well into the night when the two friends arrive at the remote gas station. The station operator has fallen asleep inside, leaning over the counter, with a little black and white portable TV on the counter on about four feet away, but the screen is fuzzy and the sound is static. The two friends find their long-disappeared friend sitting on the concrete ground leaning against the wall, one light directly above him. He is in a stupor and unresponsive, his legs outstretched before him, his arms purposelessly hanging on either side. They shake him but he doesn’t snap and he doesn’t respond to their questions. He simply stares ahead blankly, whispering softly, quickly and unintelligibly.

  11. Rachel said:

    I like the concept of Squigglebooth – it offers opportunity, the chance to collaborate, all in an internet medium. How cool.
    I particularly like Kelly’s concept and with a little story and character development who know where it could go?! I see ‘americana surrealism.’

  12. Ajit said:
    I decided to go with a combination of Kelly’s and Dek’s ideas.

    The Screenplay for Path No.2 is  here.