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2009 Carrboro Film Festival Intro

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  • Commissioned by the Carrboro Film Festival
  • Director – Ajit Anthony Prem
  • Steadicam, Cinematography – Bill Elias
  • Additional Cinematography – Jim McQuaid
  • Color & Effects – Ismail Abdelkhalek
  • Music – Carmela Sinco
  • Balloon Wrangler/Make-up/Costumes – Kelly Cook


  • Mary Wilcher
  • Mike Harris
  • Jackie Helvey
  • Jim McQuaid
  • Selena Lauterer
  • Alisha Agemy
  • Alyssa Madden
  • Christopher Moore
  • Raul Gamez
  • Crys Rivers
  • Jessica Hanlin

A big thanks to the Carrboro Film Festival Committee especially Selena and Jim.

Props from Surplus Sids

Thoughts On The Road

Sometimes, the best place to think is on the road. Music by Hisato Higuchi. Buy the album on iTunes. You can view or download the larger-sized photos or watch the slideshow.

Mr. Concentration & Mr. ADD

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It is always intriguing to see yourself through other people’s eyes. Ajit wrote this and it is loosely based on the conflict in my creative life. It was shot, acted and edited by me.

To see more of my humorous videos, please go here.

Riding in Stride opening

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This is the unofficial opening scene to a documentary completed last year. It is currently playing at select PBS stations, check your local listings.

Riding In Stride (25:30 mins.) probes the age-old relationship between girls, women and horses by documenting girls on ponies and women at the racetrack, including interviews with veteran jockey PJ Cooksey, trainer Joan Scott, and bestselling author Mary Midkiff. Riding in Stride focuses on women who have carried that passion into their adult lives and reveals what it takes for women to make it in the racing industry while staying dedicated to their love for horses.

This opening scene was split up in the final cut for many logistical reasons. But I have always had a fondness for it in its original state.

Riding in Stride was directed by Rachel Connolly, edited by me (Ajit Anthony Prem) with music composed by Carmela Sinco. If you would like to buy a DVD, go to

Mexico Trips

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My favorite memories associated with California are those simple spontaneous trips south of the border to a small campground in Mexico.

Camera: Jan Vlasto
Music: Carmela Sinco

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Not Sure

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Just a small chaotic piece that reflects some of my thoughts and anxieties.

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Mr. & Mrs. Blue Skies

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September 7th marks three exciting years since meeting my Wife. In that time, my life has changed dramatically for the best. It seems like I finally have a life!

This video should certainly remind you of being forced to sit through the family vacation videos by your parents. If it doesn’t then you should watch it a couple of times.

Music: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Blurring Fat

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Part one of a series of Blurring video podcasts. Everyday stuff, everyday conversations and all that drama it carries.

– Her – Kelly Cook
– Him/Writer/Director – Ajit Anthony Prem

Shades of Vlog

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I did not want to play on the “egomaniac” tilt of the vlogworld and it sounds like I succeeded.

I hope…

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One Sunday

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Just a normal Sunday. so many seemingly simple moments throughout the day. From the guys “scoring” outside to my daughter’s simple expressions. All just moments within a greater whole. I love my Sundays.

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