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Mr. & Mrs. Blue Skies

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September 7th marks three exciting years since meeting my Wife. In that time, my life has changed dramatically for the best. It seems like I finally have a life!

This video should certainly remind you of being forced to sit through the family vacation videos by your parents. If it doesn’t then you should watch it a couple of times.

Music: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Been You All Along

A video of me and my wife in a series of photographs growing up beside each other. Yes, it is very cheesy. But what can I say, I am in love and proud of it.

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Episode#1 – Second Time

Woohoo! First Squigglebooth podcast. No better topic to start with than love. I met my Wife on September 7th, 2003. Couple of months pass before I see her again.

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