Carmela Sinco

Composer, Collaborative Pianist, Teacher, Coach. Carmela is our resident composer. She created the opening music and, unless otherwise specified, composes and records music for the other podcasts.

I live in the NYC area doing what I love to do – composing and recording music for films, tv and the concert stage, performing and teaching. I’d like to list my credits but I’ll only mention a few. My film and tv scoring include documentaries and news programs aired on PBS and CUNY TV, not to mention the opening music for podcasts. I’ve experimented with composing and recording for abstract art, and I quite like that too. As for concert stage, included in my credits are commissions and premieres by musicians from the Tucson and Indianapolis Symphony Orchestras. A CD release is coming up in early 2007 and an opera is in the works. On performing, I go where the gigs take me, this including Asia, Europe and around the USA. Other places I’ve lived are South East Asia and the Pacific where sunny black and white sand beaches abound and where, except for hurricane and monsoon seasons, you can feel the sun everyday. I’d post my website address, but for now, write to me at