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2009 Carrboro Film Festival Intro

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  • Commissioned by the Carrboro Film Festival
  • Director – Ajit Anthony Prem
  • Steadicam, Cinematography – Bill Elias
  • Additional Cinematography – Jim McQuaid
  • Color & Effects – Ismail Abdelkhalek
  • Music – Carmela Sinco
  • Balloon Wrangler/Make-up/Costumes – Kelly Cook


  • Mary Wilcher
  • Mike Harris
  • Jackie Helvey
  • Jim McQuaid
  • Selena Lauterer
  • Alisha Agemy
  • Alyssa Madden
  • Christopher Moore
  • Raul Gamez
  • Crys Rivers
  • Jessica Hanlin

A big thanks to the Carrboro Film Festival Committee especially Selena and Jim.

Props from Surplus Sids

Two premieres at the 2009 Carrboro Film Festival

Update: Glowing Review of Hello Sorry Whatever

I have two films premiering at the 2009 Carrboro Film Festival. I’m no longer a part of the committee but I was commissioned to the do the festival intro once again.

My Films:

  • Hello Sorry Whatever is a short narrative about a love story said with three little words. It will play in the second block which starts at 2:45 and ends at about 4:15.
  • A Walkthru with Kathleen Connally is a short documentary about a landscape photographer and her work. It will play in the first block with starts at 1:30 and ends at about 2:30.

Press about the festival: