Carrboro Film Festival Intro

I created this intro for the recently completed Carrboro Film Festival, the intro played before each block of films. Music was created by Carrboro local Jay Manley. A big thanks to my wife Kelly Cook and Jennifer Evans.

It was a great festival, a packed and enthusiastic audience, talented filmmakers and a wonderful group of festival organizers.

4 Responses to “Carrboro Film Festival Intro”

  1. nic said:

    nicely done ajit. carrboro at play, together and alone. very voyeuristic. jay’s music is stunning.

  2. Bobbi said:

    You can still hear the resounding chants of, “Ajit!!!” hanging in the ether up here in Hillsborough, each time this is played at the cottage to a new batch of viewers. Love it.

  3. stump blankenship said:

    Nice work A-money. Very nice photography.

  4. Ajit said:

    Thank you all.