Borderline Bonfire

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Ajit says: Hello everyone, Welcome Nic Beery!

Nic: This experimental podcast is an atmospheric piece that explores the contradictions of life, the environment that surrounds us, and human relationships. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes confusing, it’s always a journey worth taking.

Enlightenment begins when one is curious to explore, seek answers and question what they are experiencing around them.

Shot in and around the Haw river, natures natural beauty is a wonderful juxtaposition to what the filmmaker was striving for in this piece.

3 Responses to “Borderline Bonfire”

  1. Scott said:

    I like it!

  2. Elrond Hubbard said:

    Yep. Great photography and layering. You don’t need the introduction about the “journey of life being sometimes beautiful, sometimes confusing,” and so on. The film speaks for itself and, I don’t know, I just like the fast music, psychedelia, and turtles. And the river going backwards and forwards. That has a good rhythm. See, you don’t need that intro.

  3. Sean said:

    This is really great. I love it. I used to fish with several poles on sticks, sitting by the side of a creek, for hours when I was a kid. This whole piece really brought me back to that simpler mind of loving the earth. Excellent. Keep it up!