Trailer for Hello. Sorry. Whatever.

Additional formats: QUICKTIME

The trailer for my upcoming short. Starring Amory Casto & Dan Kelly, with cinematography by Jim McQuaid. The idea is pretty simple: a love story told in only three words. The music is “Dance, Dance, Dance” by Lykke Li.

Will update this page when I have more info about release dates and all that good stuff.

10 Responses to “Trailer for Hello. Sorry. Whatever.”

  1. stephen v2 said:

    Look great. Nice tune. Can’t wait to see it..

  2. Russ Kelly said:

    In a word, NEAT! Interesting theme. I’m anxious to see it!

  3. traysie said:

    This looks like a Sunday afternoon to me. My favorite time for storytelling…
    Can’t wait.

  4. Clay said:

    Wow! Thats my step bro! Thats my step bro!! Looks really kool. Will definitely watch it with a crowd of close friends.

  5. Ajit said:

    Thank you.

  6. Wicked Step Brother said:

    I’ve seen better shorts on old men on Miami Beach; but, as far as something completely different is concerned, the final product certainly has piqued my interest. I love it, but I may have a DARK bias, so let me know when the trailer has a cab pulling it. I look forward to watching it.

    Toodles, Jimmy

  7. Ajit said:

    Hi Jimmy, I am not sure what you are talking about but thanks for the comment.

  8. Christy Dreamkiller said:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see it! Love the song, too.

  9. Simon said:

    I just can’t wait!

  10. Elrond Hubbard said:

    Hmm. Seems like the trailer just about covers the issue. I dig the flippant title and the “whatever” attitude of the short trailer without dialog. Or perhaps, as with Ironman, the trailer will be expanded into a movie that surprises everyone by living up to its trailer. It’s like that whole “the chicken or the egg” thing. Anyway. Less is more I say.