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Trailer for Hello. Sorry. Whatever.

Additional formats: QUICKTIME

The trailer for my upcoming short. Starring Amory Casto & Dan Kelly, with cinematography by Jim McQuaid. The idea is pretty simple: a love story told in only three words. The music is “Dance, Dance, Dance” by Lykke Li.

Will update this page when I have more info about release dates and all that good stuff.

All American Film Festival Retrospective

There will be an hour of my films screened at this year’s All American Film Festival. My program will be part of a local filmmakers block that starts at 3pm on Saturday, March 8th at the Marvell Center, Durham. Dear Stranger, Indian Giver and (crowd favorite) Banana Bus will be among the films I will be screening. Of course, I will be there to answer questions and chit chat afterwards.

The All American Film Festival is a four day event that features some of the best local and national films including Slamdance Grand Jury Winner Abel Raises Cain. There will also be tons of local music. I expect to be jumping from one location to another to keep up with it all, should be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there.

Update: Banana Bus wins Best North Carolina Film Award at the All American Film Festival. Woohoo! It was a fantastic festival, the audience were so smart and friendly, the films were incredible and the filmmakers who attended were a pleasure to meet. Can’t get better than that!