American Road Teaser

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Okay, Ajit, here it is. This is a teaser of our film, AMERICAN ROAD. I’ve never made a teaser before, so I’m not sure if anyone will feel teased by it. Teased – as in they’ll wonder about the film, the characters, and what happens to them beyond the few minutes shown here. Not sure if I’m doing it right, getting to the essence of what the film is about without revealing too much. Mary & I are interviewed briefly about the film, and then we hit the road, exploring America, chasing dreams, and running with the wind, rain and scorching sun of the American landscape. I hope this works for Squigglebooth.

Ajit says: Welcome Todd Tinkham, it works beautifully.

6 Responses to “American Road Teaser”

  1. nic said:

    wow. i have heard about this film and seen this teaser on the big screen recently. i am really ready to see this film in it’s entirety. Tinkham’s stuff rocks and by the looks of things, this film will continue in that tradition. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sarah said:

    That was beautiful. Those shots of the canyons out west are stunning. And the girl is lovely. Not sure what the story is all about, but I’d like to see more. How does someone get to see the whole film? Are there other clips I can view somewhere?

  3. Yang-May said:

    Beuatiful sense of place and evocative music. Unusual take on the American road movie genre. When – and where – are you going to show the whole movie? Hope we can catch it here in London, England.

    PS. loved that you managed to film at the original London Bridge in the middle of the desert. I went to see it specially while on a road trip in Arizona (huge detour!). I walk across the replacement one in London every morning!

  4. jc said:

    hmmmmm…seemed more entertaining when forrest did this.
    Great cinematography, though.

  5. 6bmike said:

    Magical and delightful. Three weeks well spent. I’m sure we will find out when and where we can see the finished product. I’ll tell my friends. Thank you for the ‘tease.’

  6. Tim said:

    A bit confused by screen direction in the teaser? Is she running back and forth across the country? At one point she comes in to screen, asks for directions, is told to go back the way she came and then runs off screen the opposite way (as if ignoring the directions). And the parents seem to be be driving from west to east even though one is supposed to be coming from east to west. Hmm. Good cinematography, though.