Screenings, interviews and some comedy

As part of his retrospective, local filmmaker Todd Tinkam will screen my film Banana Bus on Saturday December 8th, 7pm at Carrboro’s Century Center Cinema. I have emailed everyone in the area that I could think of but if you haven’t received an email, it doesn’t mean you aren’t invited. Come, and bring people. It is going to be awesome on the big screen. Details:

The Carrboro Century Cinema will screen a collection of award-winning short films from TinkhamTown Productions, including the recently completed ALEXA, and the amazing family short, SADIE TURNS SEVEN, which has screened at more than 50 international film festivals this year, including the 2007 Rhode Island International Film Festival the 2007 Staten Island Film Festival, and the upcoming 2008 Short Film Festival of India. Admission is $4. Popcorn and soft drinks are free.

Layle McFatridge from MacMost has a flattering article about me and my relationship with the Mac. If you know me, you know how much I love my G5. It is just a tool but I love using it. The article also talks a little about my start as a filmmaker and videoblogger. Incredibly, Layle manages to make me sound coherent and also eloquent. Applause!

Ron Barba, one of our contributors, posted a recent recording of his comedy act on Youtube. I am so bloody proud, one of the best stand-ups I have ever seen.