Dear Stranger

This is a short film I completed more than a year ago but has received little love in terms of marketing. After the film premiered at the Annapolis Film Festival last fall, promoting this film fell behind other projects that were in production. It belongs on the big screen but it certainly works on the small one, so here it is.

I had been running a blog that was dedicated to the film but I am no longer posting there. However, you can find all the important information that is relevant to the film on that site.

Here are the important players from the cast & crew:

  • Rosie – Nikki Alikakos
  • Gordon – Steven Lock
  • Stranger – Michael Teh
  • Voice-Over – Kelly Cook
  • Rosie’s Friend – Maryse Karunaratne
  • Still Photographer – Carl Gunhouse
  • Music Composer – Hunter M. McDermott

Some of you have shown in interest in buying a DVD copy of this film, I am still hoping to do this but it will most likely be part of a larger DVD set. However, you can support this and other SquiggleBooth projects by donating to us. Click here for more information on our simple donating method.

11 Responses to “Dear Stranger”

  1. andy cochrane said:

    Very touching, very human, very well done. I loved the morphing between stills- perfectly dreamlike and effective, and using all sorts of different styles throughout kept it interesting and set a perfect tone. Do more of this.

  2. scott said:

    Nicely done man…I’d never seen the entire short and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I felt myself getting drawn in the entire time. I don’t know how to describe it….but it just seemed right….seemed to make sense….even though it really shouldn’t…does that make sense?? As it neared the end I felt like walls were closing in on the main character…you did such a nice job that I felt like they were closing in on me as well…..and oh yeah, nice cameo!

  3. Eric Piercey said:

    Brilliant all around. The holding off intimacy based on reservation for another; a dream, theme is done again and again but this was exceptional. I was held right in the pocket on more than one level the whole time. Congrats to everyone for an outstanding piece.

  4. David Lowery said:

    Thanks for posting this — it was lovely.

  5. Gerry T said:

    Wow! Ajit what a moving and powerful film showcasing the human experience. Bravo! You should check out The Gerry T Show where we deal with similar ideas at Gerry

  6. Ajit said:

    thanks Gerry. I am amazed you get so many beautiful ladies talk to you about sex.

  7. Nick O'Brien said:

    I tried to leave a review on the Yahoo site. But I could not get it to work.

    What I wanted to say was this should resonate with commuters everywhere. I found it a haunting film demonstrating the need we have to feel wanted and our attraction to the unobtainable. We see so many people in our daily journeys and find ouselves interested in them but knowing nothing of them. Your film made me realise what it would be like if we built our emotional life on such moments and how our fantasies can ruin what we can actually attain.

    Thank you for making it and great acting from your leading lady, especially in the scene following the sighting of her “ideal” with another woman.

  8. Karpacz said:

    Very good! You have a talent!

  9. Elrond Hubbard said:

    -We COULD give in totally to fantasies, but then we’d all be rolling around in the bed, alone. Don’t ask me how I know.

    -We should all be careful of anything we conceive while in “Subways.”

    -Very well done. I agree with others on the visual impact, and I’ll add that the music provided a good range of moods while staying simple, economical. America’s families facing the credit crunch could learn a lot from this music.

  10. Ajit said:


    Come on, let’s record a podcast.

  11. Ismael said:

    Excelent job!