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Dear Stranger

This is a short film I completed more than a year ago but has received little love in terms of marketing. After the film premiered at the Annapolis Film Festival last fall, promoting this film fell behind other projects that were in production. It belongs on the big screen but it certainly works on the small one, so here it is.

I had been running a blog that was dedicated to the film but I am no longer posting there. However, you can find all the important information that is relevant to the film on that site.

Here are the important players from the cast & crew:

  • Rosie – Nikki Alikakos
  • Gordon – Steven Lock
  • Stranger – Michael Teh
  • Voice-Over – Kelly Cook
  • Rosie’s Friend – Maryse Karunaratne
  • Still Photographer – Carl Gunhouse
  • Music Composer – Hunter M. McDermott

Some of you have shown in interest in buying a DVD copy of this film, I am still hoping to do this but it will most likely be part of a larger DVD set. However, you can support this and other SquiggleBooth projects by donating to us. Click here for more information on our simple donating method.