Banana Bus

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My good friend, JaCynthia Shepherd, recalls her experiences on the Public School Bus system. It seems she received much of her education while riding to and from school. This video was originally supposed to be included in last month’s Videoblogging week.

The beautiful song is “She Was a Girl, She Was in Love” by Matt Baldwin. You can purchase it on iTunes. You can check out a slideshow of some of the photos here.

13 Responses to “Banana Bus”

  1. scott said:

    Really outstanding job man, I really enjoyed it! JaCynthia did a great job as well!

  2. TrevZ said:

    This is probably yur best. Yeah.

  3. Erin Nealey said:

    Awesome!!! Now that I’ve watched it though… I’m not sure I want my kids riding the bus :D I can only imagine how long this video took you to do! Amazing!!

  4. Funny... Squiggle Boy! said:

    I wonder what you did on that bus?

  5. pomak7 said:

    thx. after a hard day’s work in television, tackeling ego’s, fighting budgets, creating idents, strugles with marketingguys (who doesn’t know shit), making promo’s and changing graphics, preparing powerpoints and changing strategies, it is really nice to see motion image (and storytelling) in its pure form again. Straight from the hart. Glad to be on your bus man.

  6. Chris Daniel said:

    Great job man.. good to see this finished. Hey, I remember that little bus! :)

  7. jay dedman said:

    so good….it’s not often that you hear when and how kids really learn about the basics of life.
    we’re going to play this at

  8. Nathan Miller said:

    Great storytelling…wonderful visuals, I haven’t heard such a good story in a long time…I was thinking this American Life…however this was better.

  9. Chris Northcross said:

    Wow. That was not what I was expecting. Much, much more impressive than what I was expecting. Thank you for posting. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

    Out of curiousity, how did you shoot the sequence with the bus weaving through traffic on the sidewalk?

  10. Ajit said:

    Hi Chris,
    I actually moved the tripod (and cars) for each still.

  11. scott said:

    It’s JaCynthia Wallace now.


  12. Lee W said:

    This is great stuff, thanks for having the blog and putting details like this video on it. Those of us with no writing or video skills really appreciate it. Believe me. I love that you’re providing all of these stimulating and informative videos. Thank you for that.

  13. Elrond Hubbard said:

    I dig it. The bus idly moves through various landscapes as if a child is playfully pushing it. I imagine that child being the person reminiscing, wandering back.