Happy New Year Scott

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My neighbor Scott recieved this telephone message from one of his good friends, Jonathan, right after New Years Eve 2007. It is exactly what you’d expect — emotional, hilarious and out of control. Music by Carmela.

Note: This has strong language.

One Response to “Happy New Year Scott”

  1. Scott said:

    Well, since I am the actual recipient of this wonderful message, I wanted to post a couple of comments.

    1. The message ends sort of abruptly…this is only because he had someone else calling in on his phone. No telling how long he would have continued had he not gotten another call.

    2. I spoke to Jonathan the next day, and he informed me that he made this same type phone call to nearly everyone in his contact list. He said that only myself and his boss called him back in reference to the call…..that’s right, he did the same thing to his boss!

    Finally, Ajit, thank you for taking the time to share parts of our lives like this on your site, things like these are wonderful to look back on.