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Riding in Stride opening

Additional formats: QUICKTIME

This is the unofficial opening scene to a documentary completed last year. It is currently playing at select PBS stations, check your local listings.

Riding In Stride (25:30 mins.) probes the age-old relationship between girls, women and horses by documenting girls on ponies and women at the racetrack, including interviews with veteran jockey PJ Cooksey, trainer Joan Scott, and bestselling author Mary Midkiff. Riding in Stride focuses on women who have carried that passion into their adult lives and reveals what it takes for women to make it in the racing industry while staying dedicated to their love for horses.

This opening scene was split up in the final cut for many logistical reasons. But I have always had a fondness for it in its original state.

Riding in Stride was directed by Rachel Connolly, edited by me (Ajit Anthony Prem) with music composed by Carmela Sinco. If you would like to buy a DVD, go to

Happy New Year Scott

SquiggleBooth’s first audio podcast can be downloaded here.

My neighbor Scott recieved this telephone message from one of his good friends, Jonathan, right after New Years Eve 2007. It is exactly what you’d expect — emotional, hilarious and out of control. Music by Carmela.

Note: This has strong language.