12 Verses in Water

Unlike much of the other Squiggle podcasts, this podcast is purely sensory. No stories, no characters. So take a break from your day and dive into these beautiful waters.

The wonderful music is by Carmela Sinco. The images were shot mostly on my little digital camera over a period of time. I’ve tried to keep the size down while trying to preserve a respectable image quality so the file is big for Squiggle standards.

4 Responses to “12 Verses in Water”

  1. Rachel said:

    Very cool. Like the hands in the red pool. Would love to see elements as part of larger dramatic piece. Kurosawa style – but maybe that is the music playing in my ear. Well done.

  2. Chuck Leggett said:

    This video is featured in Vlog Gumbo 12.

  3. stephen v2 said:

    I finally got Squigglebooth setup in my RSS feeds – I’m so, so, slack. Have not been here in months and looks great.

    Nice piece – especially like the hands under water section. Nice use of color with the music changes.

  4. Lynne Jackson said:

    Ths is such a beautiful peace, piece…
    Thanks for this and please pass on my regards to your musician.
    ah, a poet, as always!