Mr. & Mrs. Blue Skies

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September 7th marks three exciting years since meeting my Wife. In that time, my life has changed dramatically for the best. It seems like I finally have a life!

This video should certainly remind you of being forced to sit through the family vacation videos by your parents. If it doesn’t then you should watch it a couple of times.

Music: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

15 Responses to “Mr. & Mrs. Blue Skies”

  1. Glyn Cook said:

    Ajit, you took my breath away. Wonderful!!!!!

  2. Ajit said:

    Thank you Glyn.

  3. Gloria said:

    I cried. This is wonderful. Kelly looks so happy.

  4. Crystal said:

    That was great!

  5. doron said:

    made me very sad !
    beautiful & amazing

  6. kelly said:

    Where can we join your fanclub? I loved this video…what an awesome way to say “I love you”!…now can you teach other husbands how to do that?!

  7. Ginger said:

    Ajit, That was really great! You and Kelly make a great couple and you both make great videos. Keep on using you talent, you are very gifted and take care of my cuz. Love Yall, Ginger :)

  8. Rachel said:

    Chi! B is for Beautiful. Lens loves wife & life. I feel a soothing balm over my soul. Thank you.

  9. guy said:

    thank you, your video just shows that this world can be a wonderful place after all!

  10. Tadyene said:

    Beautiful and breathtaking!

    Like watching home movies? Only if everyone’s parents were so in love, everday felt like a vacation and every moment was a celebration of life!


  11. Ron said:

    Hey, I cried. The best piece yet from the genius filmmaker. Get it out there. Humanity needs to see it!

  12. Erin Nealey said:

    Lovely!!! I’ve been watching your videos today… amazing! So glad I found you and looking even more forward to meeting you in Atlanta next week. It’s refreshing to find some creative quality content. Keep it up!

  13. cagnes greg said:

    super ton film de vacance ça donne envi greg

  14. Kenny said:

    That was a really lovely piece of filming-making. I enjoyed watching it so much. Thank you for posting it up and sharing it with the rest of the world. Great.

  15. scott said:

    Man…it was probably a year or so ago the first time I watched this. It’s amazing, I come back from time to time….and re-watch it. I watched it again tonight…..funny thing is, every time I watch it….I just feel better. Keep on doing what you do Ajit, it will always be appreciated.